Don't Try So Hard

May 3, 2012

I want to start off with the Piccline:

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Because, HOPEFULLY it will be the last “ordeal” I will endure on my health crisis joy ride!

If you don’t know what a piccline is (or if I’m spelling it correctly-still not sure about that), it’s pretty much a mini-way less permanent-port. You know-a take home method for iv drugs! I’ll post picture soon, so stop begging for those…

Anyhow, my piccline comes out next week! SO, that will mean no more-“hey cool elbow sleeve, you hiding a tattoo or something?” and hopefully way less “Oh you poor thing-what happened?! What is it?”

Most importantly it will mean getting my everyday life back. Showering without a hassle. Going to the gym…using both arms to do stuff (to do ANYTHING)! Cooking dinner, washing dishes, wait-maybe I should keep it?


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